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Frequently Asked Questions


Peachier IPL Handset

How does it work?

Is it safe?

Is it pain free?

Does it removes hair permanently?

Do I need to wear eye protection?

How long does it takes to see the results?

How frequent should I use it?

How much useful life is this product?

What is the wavelength of the laser?

Which body part can I use for?

Should I shave prior to using it?

How long do I need to wait between 2 sessions for the same area?

What is actually happening to my skin when I’m using it?

Are there any reoccurring costs?

Does it works on dark skin?

Why can’t it works on dark skin?

Can I use it while pregnant?

Is it safe to use over freckles or moles?

Is it safe to use over tattoos?

Can I wax instead of shave before using it?

How does the red light work?